Virtual Projects

Voice of the City is committed to multi-arts including embracing new mediums and technologies to make art like podcasts, electronic storytelling, blogs, and more.  Below is ongoing and future projects:



story attic

Lynn Basa (resident/owner of 2912 N Milwaukee) discovered  a previous owner's plan, Magdalena  Cervenka -- a painter of some renown,  to create an elaborate art exhibit that would honor the history of the building and immigrants who had lived there before. Magdalena found letters in the attic written by the previous owners, penned to family and loved ones back home: including, a young Polish sausage maker who bought the building in 1905, and a Mexican bridal seamstress who acquired the building in 1963. Magdalena seems to have disappeared in early 2006. Her whereabouts are still unknown. It has become Lynn's calling, along with fellow collaborators: Alva Nelms and Christopher Ellis to replicate, to the best of their ability, Magdalena's grand vision and bring her planned exhibit to life.



Sounds of the game

Rhythm & Light and Voice of the City present, “Sounds of the Game,” a mocumentary radio podcast of Midwest high school football games featuring everyone’s favorite small town darlings: the Fentchall Stalkers. The Stalkers have fallen on hard times, and are so terrible that the two broadcasters, Jeff Dansdorf and Bill Buxom, are left to arguing with each other over their personal lives, social issues, and other wayward topics. 



Bad Ass Bitch.jpg

Bad ass Bitch: Rise of Fury

Associate Artist, Alva Arts and Voice of the City present an animated digital graphic novel told as a serial combining elements of still digital art, animation (music, movement, and voice over performance)  a steampunk story of a black lesbian superhero that has been told by society that she is ill, but comes to realize that it is society that's sick, once she realizes her true abilities, she is willing and able to... kick some ass!