catherine mcclory diedrich

Fine Arts for Kids fills in the gap for us, where two totally unartistic people have a hugely creative child. It makes us feel a lot less helpless, because we know our daughters are having fun and stretching creative muscles that we've either forgotten how to use, or never had in the first place.



steve ordower

…that performance was one of the most unique and powerful performances of any artistic expression I have ever experienced…it really moved me on a very guttural and fundamental level, and it was, very emotional, in the best way. It was transcending for me, it was almost like an out of body experience…



jill heyser

The performing relationship I have had with Voice of the City for the past 15 years has allowed me to grow as an artist and hone my craft.  The artistic directors allow ample room to stretch creative muscles and are highly supportive of collaborations between artists.  Working with the children in the Fine Arts for Kids program is very rewarding.  It is such a pleasure to see young minds blossoming with new ideas, and an honor to be able to guide them.