DBGE youth at their final presentation, summer 2017

DBGE youth at their final presentation, summer 2017

We are committed to deepening the connection between artists and the community through education and practice. Young people, ages 1 to 21 can learn side by side with artist/teachers, to create and present original artwork, developing their talents while fostering a lifelong appreciation of the arts—whether or not they can afford to pay.

Many of our students are "in-risk:" They experience multiple factors which can destabilize their lives, affect their safety, and threaten the surety of their life successes. Voice of the City's programs open their safety zone, and help offset poverty and inconsistent schooling options, with solid arts education, that also focuses on college and career readiness, as well as numerous mentorship options.





Seed to table, hands on teen program.


ART - Art Readiness Training Program


Original performance program


Fine Arts for Kids at Mozart Park

Mixed Media Arts with artist/teacher, Dylan Cullison

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Fine Arts for Kids: Arts Camp 


on CPS Days OFF

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Amplify Peace

a Bassel & the Supernaturals program