Voice of the City
Building community through making art and teaching art.

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The Artists

The Artist's Role

Voice of the City believes the artist's new role is to create community, not separate from it.

In the past there was an understanding that the artist functioned as a mirror or a lamp, and needed to separate themselves to shine a light or reflect an image back to that society.  But in a world that is already fragmented from community, how can the artist isolate any further?

Voice of the City is an arts alliance that believes in creating community - a community of artists to live, strengthen, and grow the local community we serve.

Voice of the City is committed to building alliances with artists from various disciplines.  Artists make up the core of the organization.

In 2008, Voice of the City instituted a tiered artist structure that reflects the three types of possible relationships: Associate Artist, Resident Artist and Contracted Artist.  Artists may seek making and teaching art opportunities as a Contracted Artist, may apply for a Residency in the studio, and may build a history with the alliance and be considered for an Associate Artist.

Dawn Marie Galtieri


Christopher Ellis


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