Voice of the City
Building community through making art and teaching art.

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The Alliance

Building community is the central focus for Voice of the City programs and performances. The alliance works to bring together the sometimes fragmented artistic community of Chicago by providing on-going opportunities for collaboration and dialogue between artists of various disciplines. When artists are able to connect meaningfully with one other, their work inevitably grows in richness and scope.

Voice of the City is also firmly committed to sharing the work of these talented artists with the residents of Logan Square. Through partnerships with other neighborhood organizations, like Alliance of Local Service Organizations, Logan Square Neighborhood Association, and St. Luke's Lutheran Church of Logan Square, the alliance brings high-quality arts education and arts experiences to the Logan Square neighborhood.

Breaking Down Barriers
Many times throughout history art has been used as a weapon to create separation. Dividing community through unaffordable pricing, creating the allusion of grandeur of the artist detached from the audience, making distinctions of the merit between artistic disciplines, or devaluing teaching as a fundamental component to an artists process. 

Voice of the City builds community by breaking the barriers that separate the artist from their audience, by keeping high quality arts experiences affordable to everyone, not making distinctions between what is "high art" or "low art" --  focusing only on what is good art; providing informal non-competitive forums for audiences and artists to discuss the work, and providing opportunity for the "Phat" artist: An artist who strengthens his/her work by reminding themselves of the fundamentals, and the reasons for why they became an artist in the first place, by teaching art. The balanced artist makes art and teaches art.

Voice of the City Goals: 

  • Explore, develop, support and produce inter-disciplinary visual arts & performance;
  • Provide quality fine arts education in Art, Dance, Theatre, Music, and Photo/Film/Video and more to the Logan Square community;
  • Exhibit, display, and/or sell artwork, bringing stories back into the community;
  • Open up existing facilities in Logan Square to the visual & performing arts;
  • Partner with community organizations to help increase art activities that reflect the community.


We want you!
Voice of the City is a not-for-profit arts alliance that relies on donations of time, talent and treasure from people like you. Call us at 773.782.9471 or contact us to find out how you can contribute.

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Voice of the City is a founding member of the
Logan Square Chamber of Arts