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Circle in the Square: New Works in Dance Theatre

For centuries the concept of the “circle in the square” or “squaring the circle” has represented the perfect geometric relationship, yet one that has no resolved formula because it contains the “transcendental number” of pi — a number with no end.  

For the artist, “circle in the square” can symbolize the tension between concept and reality, the perfection that exists in the realm of the idea, but seems to disappear in manifestation.  Like every human being, the artist journeys on, seeking the “circle in the square,” hoping to somehow capture the smallest glimpse of perfection.  This possibility of perfection opens in live performance, as the artist and audience meet in the work.

In 2006 Winifred Haun and Voice of the City came together to produce a new venue for creating dance theatre, a venue that stressed developing and refining new work.  The producers felt that there were ample dance festivals in Chicago that showcased dance, but few that fostered the process of creating new work.  Circle in the Square: New Works in Dance Theatre was born!

To insure Circle in the Square's success, the producers established a core of three choreographers from different backgrounds: modern dance, theatre and performance art.  Each year, they invite a few choreographers who broaden the realm of dance theatre: from ballet, aerial arts and experimental theatre.  This producing vision results in new work that stretches the boundaries of dance theatre.  

Circle in the Square has been presented in the communities of Logan Square and Oak Park since its inception.  These communities have offered venues that have introduced architecture into the dance pieces.  Venues like the Historic Pleasant Home and the Cheney Mansion have allowed audiences to experience dance throughout many rooms and settings in one evening.  This has introduced an intimacy between the dancer and audience rarely felt in a conventional hall.


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